In the honor of late Mohammed bin Salem Al Dhaheri Scholarship

MADAR International School in Al Ain is proud to introduce the annual “Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri Scholarship” in memory of the late founder of the school and as part of the 2018 Year of Zayed. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of outstanding academic merit as well as community service excellence.


All Grade 11 and 12 MIS students are eligible to receive this scholarship provided that they meet the criteria of eligibility.


  • Longevity in the school: students must have spent at least 6 consecutive years of education at
  • Academic achievement, including grades, rank in class and batch, standardized test scores and achievement test The eligible student must be ranked high among his/her peers academically and has featured on the honors roll at least three years with a minimum school year average of 95%. The nominations will be in descending order of highest to lowest top 10 students of the batch.
  • The nominated student should demonstrate outstanding behavior and conduct with a record free of
  • The students should have an attendance rate of at least 95% annually for the last 3 consecutive
  • Community/extracurricular The eligible student must participate in in-school and out‐of‐school community activities, as well as extracurricular involvement and demonstrate extraordinary behavior, abilities and results, including, and not specific to, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.
  • For grade 12 students only, the students must complete the 7 EMSAT standardized tests, SAT and ILETS with distinction and a level higher than competing

Awarding of the Scholarship

MIS Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of MIS Principal, shall award the scholarship to an MIS student of 100% waiver of tuition fees for a full academic year of grade 12 for the awarded grade 11 student, and AED 30,000 worth tuition fees for awarded grade 12 student as a tuition fee for university entry.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit the school for full details.