Sharakah AUS Scholarship

MIS is a partner with American University of Sharjah (AUS) through the  Sharakah Partnership Program.

As part of the university’s community engagement strategic initiative, AUS introduced the Sharakah program to partner with select schools in the UAE. This program aims at creating venues of cooperation between AUS and the partners in various academic and non-academic areas.  Also, AUS provides partial scholarships to deserving students from varied sociocultural and economic backgrounds nominated by their respective schools. Moreover, AUS sponsors school events and activities related to high school students, as well as various publications.

For more information, please visit the AUS Sharakah Program :

As a Sharakah partner school, AUS and MIS are honored to nominate up to five students from our school to be considered for Sharakah scholarship offered by AUS.

For further information and eligibility of nomination, kindly visit

to find more information about Sharakah scholarship as well as the application form.

Interested grade 12 students may visit the Student Council Officer in school for more information or for support on completing the application forms.