School Community Department

Schools form an integral part of the community they serve. Our view extends the role of a school to encompass character building of students with the aim of training them as active citizens in their environment, thus preparing them to face the world with wisdom, integrity and diligence.
At MADAR International School, student character development and social engagement are supported by the School Community Department. Led by the School Community Department Officer, this department focuses on involving students in different disciplines to build and enhance their socio-emotional and leadership skills. The School Community Department is a structured entity of the school. It operates over six main pillars:
Throughout their time at school, students are provided the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of school life essential for:
  • healthy social and character development;
  • academic progress;
  • creating an atmosphere where cooperation and good discipline prevail;
  • learning civil values.
In addition to academic curricula, the school gives great importance to student activities and events which strengthen student personality and improve and create a friendly and active atmosphere on campus. Activities and events include: clubs, after school sport activities, trips, musical concerts and other performances and special events.