MIS Student Scouts

MIS has a student scout community were students of the school can join the boys or girls scouts. The scouts main purpose is to equip the students with life skills to be an effective member of the community and life.

The scouts undergo many programs and provide help to others. Scouts take part in exciting program activities from sports activities, self-defense, helping others and many more. They develop character skills like resilience, initiative, and tenacity; employability skills such as leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving; and practical skills like first aid. The main purpose is to educate and prepare students to be successful citizens who have a will to support their communities.

All students have the opportunity to participate in this exciting leadership experience. Parents need to fill out an agreement form and the school will take on the rest.

Students participate in many school events, support the students during breaks and assembly, practice decision making and problem-solving, work as a team and learn how to resolve conflict. Students build self-confidence over the years and live the joy of helping others.

Scouts start at a very early age as of grade 1 onwards.