Board of Trustees

MIS believes in the vital role of the Board of Trustees (BOT) in maintaining the school vision and mission.

The BOT is a strong committee that has the authority to support the school’s improvement journey in addition to being an effective facilitator to change and progress in all school aspects.

The BOT is the parent and community voice to and from the school to ensure all stakeholders are reached successfully.

MIS has a well-defined structure of ownership and authorship in this regard and makes sure that all the aspects of the school are mentored and evaluated by the committee.

The committee has delegations on all levels of the school starting with strategic planning, evaluation, tactical level, functional level, and operational level tasks.

The members have been selected via a rigorous fair procedure of voting for the members who are to be part of the daily life. Others have been nominated by the community or the BOD to have a strategic role in the committee.

The committee members present all sectors of the school and community and have been very well orientated on their roles and delegations.

The committee meets regularly with the school principal and has its working space in school to carry out its tasks.

The committee members have specific roles and delegations in which each member monitors and mentors a particular area.

The parent committee and BOT can be approached via the email  or via arranging a meeting with the members who are in school on a daily basis.