Message from the Chairman


“A country’s greatest investment lies in building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth”

– The Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan


It is my privilege to speak to you all through this column.

In line with the UAE Ministry of Education’s Strategic Plan 2017-21 and the Education 2020 Strategy we at Madar International School are fully committed to building an innovative education system to cultivate a knowledge based and globally competitive society where our students are fully prepared to attend universities in UAE and around the world and compete in the global market place. For over 18 years now, MADAR International School has been inspiring students to achieve their highest level of intellectual and personal development through our comprehensive and hands-on K-12 Co-Educational American Curriculum, together with our professional and highly qualified team.

We are committed to ensuring our students have a memorable, positive learning experience and to building confidence by providing them with the required educational eco system. We encourage them to dream big, be creative and follow their passion as they set out on their path to be global leaders in the future. Our students are also aware of the importance of respecting and adhering to UAE national values and culture.

At MADAR, we prepare our students to achieve their personal and academic goals while ensuring they are equipped to use critical thinking skills and creativity, work in a cooperative learning environment and provide them with the necessary tools they need to make a positive and impactful difference within their communities and to scale new heights.

As Chairman of MADAR International School, I am fully committed to our vision of being recognized as a leader in inspiring and preparing tomorrow’s leaders by facilitating their holistic development in an attractive learning environment that goes beyond education in school.

Above all, we value our partnerships with parents, teachers and students that have been a great contributor to our success thus far and together we will continue to inspire minds to create a promising future for one and all.


Salem Al Dhaheri