Dr. Alaa Aljuburi

Principal -Madar International School

Message from the Principal

Thank you for your interest in Madar International School. MIS is a unique school with a particular and very special ethos. It is our core aspiration that, during their time with us, every individual student makes a positive difference – a difference to their own lives and a difference to the lives of others.

The mission of MIS is to challenge and motivate each student to achieve his or her full potential as a responsible member of our diverse community.

Our students and our outstanding staff team are our two most precious assets. Such is the caliber of our young people that we believe that there is no limit to what they can achieve. While we have high expectations and are ambitious for our students, we also know that for them to succeed, we need to provide a caring, supportive and challenging environment in which they can grow and flourish.

No matter what the age of the student, central to everything that we do at MIS is focused on the development of the independent, flexible learner, who is fully prepared for advanced study and work in the ever changing demands of the 21st century. We genuinely care about all people within our school community. We have the highest expectations of both our staff and the whole student body. Central to this vision is the drive and determination to ensure that everyone maximizes their potential and performance in all strands of school life.

We stress to all of our young people that what really matters is not gaining qualifications for their own sake but learning – always being open to personal growth, having a mindset that welcomes and tackles problems, being resilient when times get tough. We strive to ensure that our young people leave Madar International School with a set of values and a perspective on life that leads them to succeed in whatever they wish to do.

Through outstanding learning and teaching and the constant reinforcement of the Core Values, we can fully prepare all of our students for adult life, to enable them all to practice and develop leadership qualities, to be highly motivated, confident and creative independent learners and most importantly understand the value of being respectful and tolerant international citizens.

Highly effective home/school partnerships are central to everything we do at MIS. We genuinely believe that keeping parents fully informed and engaged in their child’s education from a very early age will fully support and maximize academic and social development. A full program of parental consultation evenings, open forums, parental engagement workshops, coffee mornings and our open door policy will ensure that the parental body is kept completely informed of all school developments and fully empowered to support their child throughout all stages of their education.

MIS offers an extraordinary number of opportunities, both within our taught curriculum and beyond. This is a happy school with Great Spirit and a sense that anything and everything is possible.