School Profile

The school opened in September 2002 as a new school in purpose‐built accommodation in Al Tawaya area in Al Ain and caters for students from KG to Grade 12.

Student numbers have grown rapidly in the last three years with an average of 300 new students joining the school annually.  

The school follows an American curriculum aligned to the Common Core Curriculum Standards as adopted by the Common Core State Standards for English, and Mathematics and NGSS in Science and the Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum for Arabic and Islamic education, as for the rest of the subjects; the State of California standards are followed. The school delivers the social studies curriculum following both the American and MoE curricula.

Almost all students are Muslim and of Arabic backgrounds; 90% are Emirati nationals. There are 20 other nationalities represented in the school with the highest proportion, 2.5%, from Jordan and 2% from Oman.  Other nationalities include students from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Malaysia.

There are 20 students identified with special educational needs (SEN); the school has identified a number of gifted and talented students who have achieved in local and international competency challenges in addition to ensuring these students are well monitored and supported to grow their gifts.

The admissions policy is open in line with ADEK guidelines. The admission rate is high in school and the school serves for a wide sector of Al Ain region mostly from the surrounding districts of the school and so giving any equal opportunity for all to learn.

Students sit for a number of External Standardized Tests such as the MAP, EMSA, emSAT, TIMSS, PISA, PIRL, IBT, SAT, and IELTS.

Fees range from AED19,285 to AED32,495 inclusive of books and uniforms.

MIS has undergone dramatic change and hence, it is working steadily on improving its standards of quality in all aspects of the school in general and in its teaching and learning process in particular. Teachers regardless of their background undergo continuous professional training in many forms including internal and external sessions. Doing its very best, in maintaining consistency across the school regarding educational standards provided. The school has a vision of training teachers to be outstanding educators of the future.

The school facilities cater to student’s needs; as significant improvements have considered during the past three years. A new building has been established and opened in September 2014 for KGs and Primary. Moreover, the school has adequate play areas and green fields for each section of the school. Other facilities include the increase in the number of provided facilities where the school now has three new computer labs, two science labs, two libraries, two gyms, two decent art rooms, an activity room, and mosques for students to pray. The school is considering a plan for a new facility building by which will contain a swimming pool, auditorium, labs, a state-of-art library, and activity rooms.

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of the school. As students have a variety of activities during the school day and also after school. This includes field trips, sports, drama, art, Quran, and many others. Other forms might be reflected in extra-curricular enrichment activities during lessons, theme-days, events, fruitful orientations, and assemblies.

Stakeholders are considered strategic partners of the school. Parents involvement is one of the school’s top priorities. Parents support the school on shaping its strategic direction in all aspects.

The board of trustees, which consists of a wide variety of members reflecting different communities and sectors of the community, have a strong effect on supporting the school to reach its targets and goals.

The school also has a Sharaka affiliation and partnership with the American University in Sharjah, which gives the school the advantage of ensuring proper direction shared projects and support of MIS graduate students to gain enrollment privileges into AUS


School’s Purpose


MADAR- International School’s vision is to be recognized as a leader in inspiring and preparing tomorrow’s leaders by facilitating their holistic development that goes beyond education in school.


MADAR International School’s mission is to produce morally cultured, responsible, independent and respectful students who possess skills, zeal, integrity, a commitment to lifelong learning and appreciation for local heritage and identity. MIS is committed to inspiring students to achieve their highest level of intellectual and personal development through a comprehensive and hands-on educational program and qualified teachers. MIS aims at empowering and engaging with not only students but also parents and the community to achieve its mission of education and learning.


Motto: Inspiring Minds


Aims: Our aims are directly in line with the aims of private education in the UAE as articulated by ADEC as follows:

  • To enable all children, male and female, to become confident, articulate, independent, enthusiastic and successful lifelong learners.
  • To engage children cognitively, experientially and emotionally by fostering their spiritual, social, cultural and moral development across the entire range of school provision.
  • To provide a relevant, flexible and challenging curriculum that allows all students to complete secondary education, to have access to opportunities for further study, employment or training, and to become effective and successful participants in the local and international communities
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of UAE history, culture, and
  • To provide inclusive opportunities and special educational assistance to children with special needs.
  • To provide opportunities and special programs for children who are gifted and talented.
  • To recruit and retain teachers who are skilled, dedicated and highly qualified.
  • To offer opportunities for parents to participate in the education of their children.
  • To promote and enrich the national identity, family and community values, local traditions and cultures, and the pluralistic society of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.


Core Values: Four core values underpin our aims:

Best Practices:
Best practices are applied and integrated at all levels of the organization. Evidence of Best Practices should be demonstrated in daily actions at overall school aspects leading to innovation and performance excellence.

The school community is empowered with the perspective, and respect for social responsibility and good citizenship, from a global and local perspective. Social, cultural, economic and environmental responsibility underpins this core value.

The school values the development of visionary leadership at all levels in its community. Through a shared vision and visible commitment of all school community members to the principles and practices of continuous improvement and performance excellence, it is expected that leadership can be developed and nurtured.

Lifelong Learning:
The school values lifelong learning in all members if its community. This is espoused by all school community members being able to engage in lifelong personal learning.

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

The school has shown significant improvement in many aspects of its educational journey to success. The students have shown significant improvement compared to the starting point. Some students came with no or little English and have shown significant improvement in a short span of time since they joined the school.

80% of the students are showing significant improvement in their English literacy improvement across the junior level since the start of the educational reform in school during this academic year. In Secondary level, 90% of students are showing significant improvement in attainment and progress in their Language proficiency levels as evident via SAT, IELTS, EMSAT and MOE tests.

The curriculum has been revised and is totally aligned with the common core in all main subjects and with California standards in other subjects. It is revised annually to ensure its full compliance with national and international standards while ensuring it is rational, balanced and broad.

Students are now exposed to a wide variety of international standardized tests to ensure they are competent to international educational standards.

The school is also putting tremendous consideration of students’ social skills and developmental skills via orientations, awareness campaigns, lectures, activities, and parental involvement.

Gifted and talented students have shown outstanding progress in national and international contributions such as in IT skills, Science and innovation, swimming, Art, Karate, drama, singing, poetry, and other areas, where they participated in many local and international contests and programs and have demonstrated outstanding results.

Innovation and creativity is also another area of focus in school. Through curriculum and extra-curricular activities, the school strives to boost the scientist in its students. The school is striving to build a culture of innovation and creativity.

In terms of Middle leaders, the approach is to give them ownership and hold them accountable and to empower them to be effective decision makers and problem solvers. The leadership skills should be inherited down the organization so that it becomes an overall school culture.

More focus and concentration is being considered regarding core student competencies and building students’ awareness regarding their Identity and roles as successful citizens.

The school is considering a new era in the academic approach as more focus on Arabic and English language is a priority. This year is considered the year of reading and writing in an attempt to raise students’ literacy standards.

STEM is one of the most critical areas of improvement the school is considering for this year. This is due to the school’s belief that students need to learn for life and to implement their learning into real-life applications. Hence, critical thinking and problem solving is a focus in school that starts.

One of the main vital aspects the school concentrates on is the grade 12 readiness for University. MIS gives special care to its batch of graduates ensuring they are equipped with all the tools and skills they need to be distinguished in their next stage. The students undergo a strong program of skill and personal development to ensure they are capable of joining the best national and international universities. Moreover, MIS graduates also are supported and mentored to be up to a high level of competence in regards to the completion of EMSAT tests effectively.

Grade 12 students are also supported in acquiring the research and study skills they need in addition to career consulting to ensure they choose their proper specialty.