Admissions Policy

School Acceptance Criteria:

Every student who meets the age conditions of the Ministry of Education of the UAE and applies to join our Kindergarten (KG) is interviewed. The main reason for the interview is to ensure that the students are ready to join the school and to put a personal plan if needed.

Students who are applying for the Primary level and above are also interviewed and asked to take diagnostic exams in Arabic Language, Mathematics, and English and if needed in Science subjects. The purpose is to assess their educational level and identify their needs and see if they are eligible for school curriculum level requirements.

Accordingly, in some cases where the school sees potential in a student, however, the performance might be low on entrance exams, the student is accepted with conditions and is recommended to join the regular classes or take remedial programs designed by the school.

Students applying to join Secondary will also have a personal interview to check for eligibility.

Priority of Registration:

  • Newly joining siblings if they meet the school acceptance criteria.
  • Outstanding and high performing students.
  • Students coming from an American System background.
  • Students living in the districts nearby.

Registration Main rules:

  • For grades 4-12, passing the entrance exams and personal interviews are a must.
  • Registration is on a first come first serve basis, as the school provides equal opportunities for all.
  • Registration is bounded by the availability of seats.
  • The school has the right to place students to the sections as it sees fit. Selection of teachers and classes are totally prohibited.
  • Registration or re-registration is only secured once the 5% registration fees is paid.
  • For returning students, all outstanding current year balance must be closed to secure a seat for the coming academic year in addition to the 5% re-registration fee.

Special Needs Students:

  • Slight to Mild cases of SEN students will be accepted to ensure they are safe and that the school can accommodate for their cases. If needed, the school has the right to request a shadow teacher to escort the student on a daily basis which is paid by the parent. The school also has the right to charge 50% extra tuition fees for SEN cases to ensure a better quality of care and teaching.