Bus and Transportation Registration:

MIS provides a crew of modern decent well-managed buses.

Buses reach most of the areas in Al Ain, however, no services are provided to rural areas such as Burimi, Daher, Mughafa, etc.

If an area does not have more than 10 students a bus will not be provided and parents will need to arrange their own means of transportation for their children in this case.

All buses are equipped with cameras and approved trained escorts.

Full fees are to be paid for one-way or two-way.

Registering for bus services:

  • The parent is invited to visit the School’s Transportation
  • The Transportation Officer will check the availability of seats on buses for the desired area.
  • A form must be filled out with all required information and maps showing area and house information.
  • At the start of the year, new students will be dropped off for the first time on the afternoon trip.
  • Bus fees apply per child and not per family.
  • The bus will NOT wait for your child, hence parents are requested to make sure that their child/ren are ready in the morning before the bus arrives otherwise the bus will leave to be on time for school.
  • Buses will NOT enter Villas and it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure an adult is available to meet the child when arriving.
  • Students who demonstrate any behavior that is unacceptable will be deprived of using bus services immediately.
  • If a parent will be collecting the student in the afternoon, the school’s Transportation Officer should be informed before 12:00 pm. Requests coming after that time may not be fulfilled due to safety measures.
  • Bus routes are fixed to ensure the last child is dropped within the DOT acceptable time, hence the routes will not be customized to meet parents or student needs and will be carefully designed to meet DOT safety requirements.
  • The school will not accept dropping a student in a place other than what has been agreed on with the parent via the school bus contract. Shall the parent require a different location of a drop off for a limited time, the parent must visit the school and provide a written request along with a valid ID and clarification of the reasons and the duration of this arrangement. The school acceptance and approval of such requests will depend on the availability of seats for that proposed area.
  • If a parent moves from one district to another, securing a place on a new bus is based on the availability of seats of that area.
  • If a parent wishes to stop using the bus services, or moves to a new school or for any other valid reasons, bus fees apply according to ADEK policies.

Bus Fees

Bus Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2019-2020
Grade Bus
KG1 4,140
KG2 4,140
G1 4,140
G2 4,140
G3 4,140
G4 4,140
G5 4,140
G6 4,140
G7 4,140
G8 4,140
G9 4,140
G10 4,140
G11 4,140
G12 4,140