MIS Extra-Curricular Activities and Student Life

In MIS, we believe that hands-on and kinesthetic activities are an essential part of the educational process. Hence MIS  strives to provide a new era for activities, some of which are mentioned but not limited to the following:

  • A weekly activity hour that takes place every Tuesday during the Students select the activity they want to be in according to their interest. Then they go to the assigned venue. Students and parents are kindly asked to suggest what activities they would like their child join via a survey that will be sent with the children the first week. Students will then attend the activity they choose every week. The outcomes of the students’ work will then be displayed in an Exhibition. Each term students can choose a new activity if they want.
  • For talented and gifted students the school might allocate students in a particular club or activity to grow the talent and be prepared for tournaments or national/international challenges.
  • After school activities which include sports, drama and other activities are announced every year, some of which might be paid.
  • Academic Field Trips are arranged for students throughout the year. The goal of these trips is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their education while letting them have an enjoyable time with their mates and teachers.
  • Annual events take the form of National Day Celebrations, International Day, Exhibitions, Sports Days, Science or Book Fairs, and Special Concerts. Parents and visitors are welcome to join us during these events. All these events will be to and from students and will be the outcomes of their work.
  • Open days, sports days, water days and other forms of internal school activities will take place throughout the year.
  • Lower grade students will have curriculum-based activities related to taught areas.
  • STEM activities is also a focus area.