School Timings

To ensure students are doing well academically, they should be in school on time and attend all periods. Attendance will be taken each period.

The school day starts for all students at 7:15 am.

The school day ends for KG students at 1:30 pm and for grades 1-12 at 2:30 pm from Sunday to Wednesday. On Thursdays, the school ends for all students K-12 at 1:30 pm.

MIS will be responsible for early comers from 7:00 am, however, for any earlier comers, this will be under the full responsibility of the parents.

Parents are requested to collect their children on time at dismissal time and not to be late at all, school supervision may take place for an hour after student dismissal. In case of being later than an hour repetitively, parents will need to pay AED150 for supervision.

All students should be in school at 7:15 am to attend and participate in the school assembly. which is a crucial aspect of school life. Students should realize that it is national duty to express their love to their country by standing upon their flag and say the oath with one voice as it is very important to be part of the UAE community. 

Gates will close at 7:45 am and students will be considered late for assembly which will reflect via discipline marks (offense level 1: 4 marks each time late, MOE discipline guide).

School gates close at 8:00 am and students coming at this time or after will only be allowed in with a parent or guardian escorting them into school and providing reasoning for lateness.

During bad weather conditions, the school demonstrates flexibility according to the severity of the situation encountered.

Please read the school timing, late, and absences policy that is available on the school portal.