Parents Appointments

MIS parents are welcome to visit the school at any time.

To avoid wasting your time, you may visit the Student Affair Officer Mrs. Rasha Maroof who will refer you to the proper point of contact that will be the most suitable to resolve your case.

The Student Affair Officer is also responsible for setting up meetings for you with all HODs and teachers if you are interested in monitoring the progress of your child/ren. Please make sure to book your appointment one day ahead so all teachers can be available.

The following table also provides you with extensions of key contacts in school who will be more than happy to support you as needed. If you require to see any of them personally, kindly call first and book an appointment to ensure their availability.

Staff Member Position Extension
Dr. Denis Martin Peters VP 274
Mrs. Dalal Halabi Head of Admin 206
Mrs. Elizabeth Claassen Head of KG 301
Mrs. Farah El Moghrabi Head of Primary 302
Mrs. Rasha Salah Head of Social Workers and Supervisors 216
Mr. Alaa Saleh Bus and Transportation officer 291
Mrs. Ruba Swiss Attendance and Follow up officer 219
Mrs. Nisreen Hamada External exam officer 248
Mrs. Rasha Maroof Student affair officer 447
Main Reception extension   400
KG Reception Extension   300
Primary Reception Extension   204

For any comments, complaints or inquires please send an email to: