2024 – 2025


The concepts of equity, community and shared success are pillars for a rewarding and supportive education.

Who We Are

We are a vibrant, visionary school with highly qualified professional educators, dedicated to enriching your child's learning experience. Everyone at Madar International School is committed to inspiring minds with quality education provided through building trust with students, their parents, and the community.

We utilize cutting-edge technology within our innovative blended learning approach, along with our set of up-to-date eLearning tools, to maximize the academic experience of our students, and to prepare them for critical thinking, problem-solving, and facing their future challenges.

Our experienced multinational faculty provides a safe and highly engaging learning environment within our state-of-the-art facilities, where your child will be exposed to high-tech eLearning tools that enhance and monitor his/her academic progress.


Our Journey

Madar International School has been serving the Al Ain community since 2002. Based in the Al Towayya area, the school provides world-class education to more than 2000 students every year, from a diverse array of nationalities and backgrounds. Madar caters to the needs of the Al Ain community learners from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Students are provided with opportunities to excel in academics, sports, and social intelligence through both intra and extra-curricular activities. Our students are inspired to follow ethical principles and accept diverse cultures while embracing UAE heritage and cultural values.

Madar provides a well-rounded international curriculum based on a blended learning approach that ensures high-quality education, enriched with the use of the powerful eLearning tools that ensure no child is left behind, even during the strictest of lockdowns.


Our Vision

Madar’s vision is to be a leader in inspiring and molding tomorrow’s innovative global leaders by facilitating their holistic development in the new world knowledge economy.

Our Mission

Madar’s mission is to inspire students to achieve their highest level of intellectual and personal development through comprehensive and technology-enabled educational programs and dedicated teachers.

“If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.”

― Roy T. Bennett

Our Core Values

Madar’s set of core values serves as a guide to the management of the school and conduct of its people. Those values govern the implementation of the Curriculum and inspire students to attain higher learning and serve their community by leading meaningful lives as citizens of a global society.







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