2024 – 2025


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Extra-curricular and Life Beyond the Classroom

Madar’s students participate in a wide range of high-tech forums, as well as other STEM-related activities. We provide them with several opportunities to be part of local, nationwide, and international activities that expose them to new advancements in science, and computing technology. Students are also encouraged to participate in sports and other extended day activities and events throughout the academic year.

Students can participate in curriculum enrichment competitions that take place outside of the school, where they represent Madar and, in some cases, the Al Ain region. The school ensures that all events and occasions are appropriate and adhere to national and international norms of Child Protection and Safety.

Life Skills

Through every curriculum, every class, our students at Madar International School become equipped with a solid set of competencies crucial to their personal and professional success, as they navigate the fast-paced new paradigms of the world:


We keep a well-maintained network of our Alumni. Madar invites all alumni to continue to be engaged in the life of the school. Our graduates could meet the rest of the alumni in panel discussion forums where they share their Post-Madar experiences.

Our Alumni gravitate towards the best universities across the globe. While a significant number of our students go to local universities and colleges, close to 20% of our graduates go to the United States, UK, France and the Netherlands, to join institutions of higher learning.

Medicine is the most sought-after field by our alumni, at a rate of 13%, followed by Mechanical Engineering, Political Science, Air Force Academy, Dentistry and Business which amount to 25% of the career paths chosen.