2024 – 2025


The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.

- Diogenes

Parent Advisory Council

Our school was founded on the belief that educating a child requires a committed partnership between parents and the school. This philosophy has been a direct reason for the creation of the Parent Advisory Council. Madar was one of the first schools in the city of Al Ain instituting a PAC.

PAC members are selected by other parents and they ensure that a strong relationship between school and parents remains active. Members of the council have different roles and responsibilities that ensure the school's success in meeting all its goals.

At Madar we believe that with a partnership of mutual trust and respect, we can continue to have an effective synergy between parents and teachers to help our students succeed and achieve academic excellence. The Parent Advisory Council, in coordination with the school leaders, fosters a positive environment with an ethos that encourages every parent or guardian to share their perspectives in the education of their child.

Parental Involvement

Madar International School believes in maintaining mutually beneficial and strong partnerships with parents. We endeavor to improve our school and support students and their families in the journey of education and personal growth.

We welcome parents’ feedback as we believe communication is vital to ensuring that our school continues to meet the needs of our students as well as those of their parents.

The School will take care of your request and make sure to coordinate with the relevant departments to ensure your inquiry is met in a timely and effective manner.

Parents interested in participating in the Parent Advisory Council, or in need of any additional information, our doors are always open!