2024 – 2025


Admission, Registration & Re-registration Policies

Admission POLICY

  • Registration for the next academic year opens in January, with priority given to siblings of registered students.
  • Re-Registration eligibility requires parent clearance of all outstanding fees. Seats will be available in a first come, first serve, basis for both new admissions and returning students.
  • A 5% tuition fee will be applied at the time of registration for every student, current or new enrollment. Should the student decide not to join the school, parents must notify the school in writing before the start of the new academic year.
  • Any delays in registration might result in your child losing his, or her, seat. Students on the waiting list are eligible to enroll when seats are available.
  • The ADEK approved fee structure may be found on the school’s website.
  • Tuition fees schedules are on the school website.
  • Tuition fees are payable in as 3 installments within the academic year. The schedule for fee-payment are as follows:
    • 1st term payment period - September to  November (with uniform, books & bus)
    • 2nd term payment period - December to February
    • 3rd term payment period - March to May

Registration & Re-registration timings:

  • New KG1 students will be accepted during the month of January.
  • Sibling re-registration will take place during the months of February and March.
  • Intakes for new joining students will be open starting the third term, or upon the availability of seats when applying.
  • The school will not be responsible for losing seats of any returning students if parents do not abide by the above-mentioned timings as registration will be open to the public.
  • Throughout the year, acceptance of students wishing to join the school within the academic year is restricted to the availability of seats and ADEK approval.
  • Payment Methods & Policy:

    • Tuition and educational resource fees can be made to Madar International School by any of the following methods:
      • By Cash to the Cashier
      • By Cheque in the name of “Madar International School”.
      • By Bank Transfer to Madar International School bank account.
      • In case of any pre-arrangements of payment by third party such as work or others, the parent must visit the school to set payment arrangements and agree on a timeline to avoid any conflicts.
    • There is a fee of AED 250 for any returned check.
    • Any parents wishing to pay post-dated Cheques can do so with the approval of the Accounts Department. Please note that cheques will be deposited on the posted date. Also, be advised that No Cheques will be withheld for depositing.
    • Any deviation in terms of payment or scheduling of installments from the above-mentioned schedule must be discussed and approved in writing from the school Accounts Department, failing to do so, will result the school applying ADEK policies including warnings and suspensions from school for 3 to 5 days in addition to holding report cards.
    • Payment notification reminders to parents will be sent via SMS, Email, Letters, or the PORTAL to avoid suspension of student matriculation. Parents are encouraged to address late payments promptly by contacting the accounts department.
    • Re-registration of existing students does not occur automatically. Parents must re-register to secure the seat. If fees for the current academic year, plus the registration fee for the following year is not paid, the child's seat will be offered to the next student on the waiting list.
    • ADEK tuition reimbursement rules apply, for students withdrawing before midterm.
    • The fees for Uniform / Books / Activities are not included in the tuition fees mentioned. The respective charges for Uniforms / books are provided along with the tuition fee schedule. Any charges for the activities would be informed by the school and would depend on the nature of the activity.
    • Delinquent payment history may result on blocked re-registration.
    • Parents who need to make special payment arrangements, or who receive their children’s tuition fees payments from official entities, or their work on specific dates, need to visit the accounting department to arrange the payment terms.


    • The parent sends an email to [email protected] indicating their intention to register their child.
    • Upon availability of seats, Registration will reply to the email, assigning an interview and entrance assessment date. The exam will test general Math and English skills.
    • Successful participants will receive an email with enrollment forms that mut be returned within 48 hours.
    • Once enrollment forms are received, and approved, parents will have 48 hours to visit the accounting department to complete the registration payment fees.
    • Once completed, the parent will be informed through an email of his/her child’s registration.


    • The parent sends an email to [[email protected]], indicating his will to re-register his child/ren
    • Upon availability of seats, Registration will reply to the email. Requesting the parent to fill out the forms and send them back within 48 hours.
    • Once received, and availability has been confirmed, the parent will receive an email to visit the accounting department to complete the registration payment.
    • Once completed, the parent will be informed through an email of his/her child’s registration.

    Required Documents for the Registration

    • 2 Copies of valid passport with valid residence visa.
    • 2 Copies of birth certificate.
    • 4 Passport size photographs.
    • Immunization card
    • National ID card for the New Students
    • Transfer certificate from previous school for grade 2 to 12.
    • School uniforms, textbooks, copybooks, and diaries must be purchased from the school.

    (Please note that submission of incomplete required documents can cause delay of registration).

    All documents must be photocopied and validated: ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

    A nonrefundable registration fee of AED 500 is required for all applicants. If a child leaves the school during the academic year, the fees will be calculated as per ADEK’s instructions.

    KG2 to Grade 12 Students Requirement Application from:

    • Other Emirates: Original Transfer Certificate from previous school and legalized from the appropriate Educational Zone, original report card.
    • Outside U.A.E.: Overseas students are required to attest the report card, the transfer certificate and birth certificate from the Ministry of Exterior and the U.A.E. Embassy.
    • Translated to English or Arabic – and legalized from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & U.A.E. Embassy in the country of origin and a letter confirming successful completion of the previous grade.

    KG 1 Students Requirement Application

    • The child must be 4 years old by the 1st of September.


    Any student leaving the school should undertake the following procedure:

    • Submit an online request of withdrawal to [email protected]
    • Complete a transfer form that will be delivered via email, clearly indicating the reasons for withdrawal, or leaving the school.
    • Canceling any pending fees, or balances, in the student’s account.
    • Student should obtain a “No Objection” letter from the new school.
    • The school will transfer the student’s information to the new school via e-SIS, if in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.
    • A request transfer certificate will be issued for schools outside Abu Dhabi including, international schools.

    School Policies

    Please note, the school assumes responsibility for students only when they are on school grounds or school-sponsored events. Parents are advised to note the following:

    Student on Campus 

    Students are encouraged to speak English throughout the school, to improve their English language speaking skills, while at the same time studying the Arabic language, as part of the Curriculum, giving them the opportunity to strengthen their UAE cultural heritage and Arabic identity. Students are also provided with opportunities in and out of the classroom to excel in academics, athletics, and social development through extra-curricular activities.

    Play Area Rules

    All games and activities in the general play areas are available to all students. Students are asked to cooperatively play with other Madar students. Play areas are created specifically for certain grades and are restricted for use by those age groups only.

    Bullying is strictly prohibited and considered a major offense, especially on the school playground. Any kind of bullying may result in suspension.

    Student Code of Conduct

    Madar International School believes that all students should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. We believe our school must guide students as they become progressively more self-disciplined, responsible learners, cooperative, and autonomous. The school provides a safe, positive, and inclusive learning environment that is developmentally responsive to the social and academic needs of students. In addition, the school encourages close collaboration and partnership among students, parents, and faculty.

    All students must respect the main codes of conduct listed below:

    • Comply with all school rules and instructions.
    • Behave responsibly, without endangering the safety and welfare of others or self.
    • Care for the facilities, property of the school, and of others.
    • Arrive at school and lessons on time and justify any tardiness or absences.
    • Participate in promoting a positive school community image.
    • Demonstrate a positive attitude and apply the very best effort toward learning.
    • Behave responsibly so as not to disrupt the classroom or the learning of others.
    • Commit to the heritage and culture of the UAE.
    • Show respect to all members of the school community, parents/guardians, and other members of the local community.

    Dealing with Student Misconduct

    All disciplinary actions are appropriate to the student’s age and the severity of the misconduct. All information about student behavior is strictly confidential. Social workers are designated for every student for support in conduct redirection. Parents are encouraged to work with social workers and supervisors to promote and reinforce positive behavior.

    Students with Special Needs

    Because some students learn differently, an individualized curriculum tailored to their needs is put in place by the SEN department to ensure every child is successful. Students who have been identified as having Special Education Needs (SEN), receive an individualized education plan (IEP) that provides support in their area of academic needs, allowing them to be successful.

    Parents who have students with SEN diagnoses from a previous school must share this diagnosis with the Madar SEN Coordinator, so that the student can receive all accommodations and support, to successfully complete their learning process.

    Gifted and Talented Students which includes those students with exceptional advance thinking skills are also helped by the SEN department. The SEN Coordinator will create an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) that helps teachers understand how to better support these students in their subject matter.

    School Uniform Policy

    Students are required to wear the official MADAR uniform daily while attending school. The PE uniform is required for Physical Education classes. Failure to wear the uniform could result in grades being affected due to lack of participation, and possibly suspension, for failure to follow school guidelines.

    Before and After School Supervision

    The school doors are opened to allow students entry at 07:00 A.M. During the school day, supervision of students inside and outside occurs with assigned staff members around the school until 15:00 P.M. Students should be off campus by 15:00 P.M., unless on a school related trip or program, with parent’s approval for pick up beyond this time, and proper adult supervision has been assigned.

    Parents, guardians, or drivers should promptly pick up students when dismissed. Students who ride the bus home will make their way to the busses in a timely fashion so busses can leave on time. Students who are not picked up at dismissal will wait in designated, supervised areas until their transportation arrives.

    Academic Integrity

    Academic Integrity is a core value at Madar. It involves acting with honesty, fairness, trust, responsibility, and requires respect for knowledge and its development. Honesty in schoolwork requires that students do their own work without stealing someone else’s work and declaring it as theirs. Students are expected to give credit to ideas, language, or thoughts which may differ from their own, and could occur with print or non-print sources, such as the Internet. Madar International School regards acts of academic dishonesty as a serious violation of the community’s trust. Students who commit academic dishonesty will face serious consequences. If the offence is repeated, a student could be expelled from the school. Any violation or suspicion of violation will be reported to the Student Affairs Officer, Vice Principal, and Principal.

    Student Attendance

    Students are expected to attend school every school day. Good attendance is essential if the student is to be successful. Madar’s basic requirements and responsibilities in relation to students’ attendance are as follows:

    • Students are expected to attend school every school day as specified in the school calendar.
    • Students shall arrive at school punctually every day, attend morning assembly, and attend all classes on time.
    • Students will use their own designated entrances to enter and exit from Madar.
    • School will maintain accurate daily attendance data for each student, including timely or late arrival to school.
    • Parents/Guardians will make every effort to ensure their children attend school every school day and arrive on time.

    Students are responsible for completing all assignments missed during their absence, however, teachers are not required to give credit for assignments missed during unexcused absences. Parents/guardians should seek to ensure that family vacations take place during scheduled school holidays. Suspensions from school constitute unexcused absences and students take a zero for all work missed during their suspension.

    The following types of absences may be regarded as authorized/excused when confirmed by a signed letter from parents/guardians or by way of official documents:

    • Illness
    • Death of a first- or second-degree relative
    • Scheduled doctor appointment
    • Official community task
    • Mandatory appearance before an official body
    • Essential urgent family travel for matters such as medical treatment or the death of a member

    Unauthorized, or unexcused absences include shopping trips, unnecessary travel, suspension as a result of behavioral, academic, or school-related issues. Habitual tardiness is prohibited. If a student skips a class, his/her parents will be informed, and the incident will be documented in the Student Management System.

    Students are considered truant if they are absent from school without their parent’s, or guardian’s knowledge or consent, or if parents have colluded with the students, so they are absent without authorization. Truancy is an unauthorized absence.

    School Services for Students

    Online Portal for Students

    The Madar International School online portal, or iCampus, will house all the information for students, parents and teachers to communicate about their day-to-day actions in the school. This includes the attendance and grades.

    Teachers will use the portal to upload course information for students, including homework and calendars of assigned tasks or upcoming events. Parents can also communicate by sending messages through the portal. The school will also publish calendars and other critical information and events through the portal. VISIT OUR SCHOOL PORTAL


    School Nurse Services

    The school nurses’ responsibilities include administering first aid, treating minor ailments, maintaining health records, updating vaccinations and medical information, and liaising with the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

    The Department of Health and Medical Services requires that the following completed forms be kept on file and updated prior to a student starting school:

    • Health Information Form
    • S.E.N. Information Form (if applicable)
    • Medical Examination Consent
    • Medication Administration Consent
    • Vaccination Consent
    • Vaccination Record

    The school should be informed immediately of any change in telephone numbers to enable us to contact a parent or guardian in the event of illness or accident. In the event of both parents being out of the country, an alternative contact number must be left with the clinic and/or with the Registrar.

    School Transportation Services

    Bus transportation to and from Madar International School is available through the school. Parents are in no way restricted to the use of this service and are welcome to investigate alternative transport services, should they desire. The school has established rules to ensure the safety of our students while on the buses:

    • Students must treat the school bus driver, supervisors, and coordinators with respect.
    • Throughout the journey, students must remain in their designated seat, facing forward, with the seatbelt fastened, regardless of whether the bus is moving or still.
    • Students must keep the aisle and walkway of the vehicle clear always.
    • Students must report problems to the supervisor and/or bus driver.
    • Students must be courteous when getting on and off the bus.
    • Students must only travel on their designated bus.
    • Students must be ready and on time for both departure and pickup.
    • Students must place trash in the bin or take it with them.
    • Students must not throw objects, shout, or be responsible for verbal and/or physical abuse toward others – it is not tolerated.
    • Students are not permitted to bring friends onto the bus without written approval from the school transportation supervisor.
    • Students are not permitted to place their hands, feet and/or head outside the windows of the bus at any time.
    • Students are not permitted to eat or drink on the bus.
    • Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
    • Younger students have seating priority in the front of the bus.
    • Students should speak quietly throughout the bus journey.
    • Students should wait for the sign from the bus supervisors to leave the bus.
    • Students should keep pencils, markers, rulers, rubber bands and all sharp or pointed items in their bags/backpacks during their bus ride.
    • Students should stay away from control panels, automatic doors, etc., where injuries can occur.
    • No music players, video games or electronic items should be used on the bus.

    Inappropriate behavior or breaking the rules could lead to suspension of bus service by the school. If a student is suspended from the school transportation, they are not allowed to use the service for any school related functions.


    Students at Madar are provided with several opportunities to participate in unique activities, beyond the classroom, in extended day activities as well as some internal activities during scheduled zero hours. Please be aware that some after-school programs are fee-based which may include academic and athletic based programs.


    At Madar, we believe in the value of homework. Homework is designed to be an extension of learning in the classroom. Some students may take more time than others. If your child is finding difficulty with assignments, contact the teacher for suggestions.

    The aim of the homework policy is to promote learning at home as an essential part of good education. Homework not only reinforces classroom learning, it also helps children and young people to develop skills and attitudes they need for successful, lifelong learning. It supports the development of independent learning skills, including the habits of inquiry and investigation.

    Study material (Weekly Overview) is sent to parents on a weekly basis as a hard copy, which is distributed every Thursday, and posted on the portal as well, for all grade levels. The weekly overview is a document that explains to students and parents what material will be taught in the following week. Plus, it includes information regarding any project, assessment, or activity.