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A Story of Success
12, Apr 2020

 A story that was written by my MIS students. Our lovely students succeeded in planting the seeds of success by being dedicated and committed to our literacy online program Achieve 3000.

Achieve3000® is designed to help students advance their nonfiction reading skills by providing differentiated online instruction. Ms. Abir, Grade 8 English teacher, used the program with her classes, and the assignments are tailored to each student's reading ability level.


We always believe that reading is the key that helps improving all other English skills as well as developing the 21st century skills. Good readers are more innovative and creative, MIS students showed throughout their academic journey that they are good readers.


Mohamad AlDarmaki 9B1, Thani Alsheryani 9B1, Ali Saif Alkaabi 9B2, Mala k Chahbar 9G2, Shamsa Alkhyli 9G1 were outstanding students who exceeded our expectations by their commitment to our online reading program and to their scores.


Ms. Abir said that she felt so proud to make an impact on students and change their habits by directing them into the world of reading.



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