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A tough year, a great success
09, Aug 2021

Although this year was an extraordinary year full of challenges that were brought about with the Covid19 pandemic, the school year was full of success stories and many accomplishments that were crowned with turning these challenges into opportunities. The school followed outstanding precautionary measures during this year to ensure our students and staff were always safe. Madar was always in full compliance of all regulatory requirements in addition to taking its own measures miles ahead to ensure the highest measures of safety in all corners of the school.

The school provided its students everyday Face to Face classes for those who wished to bring their children to school. Many new technology advancements were considered in school to ensure that student's education was not compromised and remained up to the highest qualities of standards regardless of the circumstances. Our teachers showed a high level of competence in embracing new methods of teaching and learning and in being innovative to ensure no child is left behind. Their dedication was a cornerstone in the success of our educational system this year.

Students and parents support and buy-in was as a pivotal point in ensuring education was smoothly running during the pandemic. One strong aspect was keeping parents involved and taking their points of view thought the decision-making process. Moreover, their feedback was very valuable in considering modifications that improved the system to be what it is now. Madar established a very strong communication system that ensured that all parents are well informed and contacted regarding their children’s education. This system ensured that parents are fully supported, and their needs are always catered for.

One other success accomplishment that is worth sharing is the flexible customized hybrid system the school offered for its students. The system made sure that all students and parents were supported and were offered a variety of learning modes that consider the challenges they encounter. Samples of such accommodations included flexible learning schedules, continuous teacher support, use of student engagement tools, rigorous attendance monitoring, live and recorded lessons, ease of assignment submission, progress and attainment follow up and tracking in addition to safety use of technology throughout the program. Many cutting-edge technology systems and resources have been considered this year to ensure Madar students are equipped with the highest standards of education needed during the school closure phase.

The innovative professional development learning community was another achievement that helped our staff to rapidly grasp the skills and knowledge needed to explore new horizons other than the traditional pedagogical approaches to boost the motivation to learn in every child. Providing students with new opportunities to learn creatively and independently was an additional milestone added to this years achievements. Students were given a wide variety of methods to express their knowledge acquisition and understanding. The implementation of project-based learning this year unleashed the students creativity and independent learning to its extreme. Students demonstrated their innovative ways in doing research, designing outcomes, investigating and solving real life problems and having a differentiated approach in expressing their deliverables and outcomes according to their interest and abilities.

Our students have also showed significant improvement and progress on their standardized national and international exams in different grade levels. The vast majority of the students successfully completed the EMSAT and the graduation requirements in grade 12 with flying colors. Students also showed magnificent results in the National Moral exam MESA as they have exceeded the national level in many domains. Our 3 to 9 students showed significant improvement on their MAP tests too. Regardless of all the challenges and the hard times that came with the pandemic, together with the collaboration with our parents, students, staff and our community and the support of the regulators, the year has been considered a gate way to a brighter future for our students.

We hope that the coming years will bring more success stories to be added to our Madar journey of success.

Ms. Alaa Aljuburi

School Principal



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