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EXPO 2020 Primary Art Gallery
17, Jan 2022

Exhibits & galleries are an important and exciting aspect of the creative process. Seeing your drawing framed, your painting coated, or your sculpture presented professionally is something remarkable and gives the students the confidence they need to open more doors to unlimited views during their academic journey. Believing in that, Madar Primary students led by their art teachers worked for three weeks to present their amazing productions.

We were honored to have Dr. Mohammed Fetiha the Deputy Director of Abu Dhabi University in the opening ceremony along with Dr. Alaa Aljuburi and Dr. Denis Peters.

Dr. Fatiha said, “An art gallery helps bring that hidden essence, skills, and emotions of the students, it helps them feel their work is valuable and has a meaning.”

EXPO 2020 was the inspiration of the artwork, moving from exploring the power of individual actions to generate wellbeing, prosperity, and happiness in communities around the world to reflect on the ways through which people, goods, and ideas, move, and what it all means for a smarter, happier future for everyone, and ending with discovering how we can apply innovative technologies and creative ideas to help people and planet thrive in harmony, EXPO 2020 Primary Art Gallery is a success.

"School galleries have multiple roles, both visible and invisible," Dr. Alaa said. "They incubate and support their young artists, often by going above and beyond the normal work of putting on shows. Students gain skills such as perseverance, fortitude, and a growth mindset through the arts, which will help them master their craft, achieve academically, and flourish in life after high school.”



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