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Innovation Week
08, Feb 2018

“Innovation is not an option but a necessity. It is not a culture but work style, and governments and companies that do not innovate risk losing their competitiveness and falling far behind.”

- Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

UAE innovation month is one of the largest innovation and modernization initiatives in the world and a consolidated effort by the government to celebrate innovation in the UAE. We know that it is important for us as a school to contribute to the creation of a culture of innovation in the UAE and to enhance its status as a global center of innovation. As part of this week's activities, students, teachers, staff, came together to coordinate countless activities, programs, and a variety of fascinating and eye-catching activities.

MIS students showed creativity during Innovation Week 2019. Thinking creatively allows students to express their abilities and translate their creative and unique ideas through projects.

Our School is always eager to create an environment for innovation where ideas were generated, embraced, and implemented. We have worked to contribute to a shared vision of education that includes a platform for ambitions, an entrepreneurial spirit, increased educational achievement, a knowledge-based economy powered by innovation, research, science, and technology-based activities. Students have benefited from innovation in terms of generating fresh and innovative ideas as well as the usage of new or enhanced ways.

MIS innovation week was such a success that it will live on in the minds of all students & visitors for the rest of their lives. It was a five-day event that included various extremely thrilling and energetic activities



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