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Madar Student Council 2021
05, Dec 2021

The Student Council is an organization led by students and supervised by school staff members. The purpose of the student council is to allow students to develop leadership skills by organizing and carrying out school activities in line with the school vision & mission.

Madar Student Council is the primary voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests, and concerns with the wider school community.

Students who were interested in leadership, organizational behavior, event planning, or becoming more involved in school projects were given a chance to nominate themselves and held a campaign to share their messages and goals before the election day. The election provided an opportunity for other students to select their representatives who will be their voice for issues and concerns about student life.

Currently, MADAR’s Student Council is actively working to promote ADEK's Blue School Initiative. The main goal of their campaign is to explain the advantages of being a blue school and the positive effects it will bring to the whole school community. ADEK purports that this initiative is “a clear roadmap to normalcy by providing customized privileges based on student vaccination rates, supporting schools to gradually relax measures and return to normal operations.

We wish them the best of luck.



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