2023 – 2024

A win for science
03, Aug 2021

The success story in the science department started 3 years ago, when we start creating specialized science departments, and implement them from grade 7 to 12, instead of only teaching general science or providing elective specialized courses that were taught only for higher grades.

During the first year, many challenges were faced to be help students especially grade 12 students who do not have any background about those sciences to get the needed information that allows them passing the posed MOE EMSAT exams. Meanwhile, strong foundations started to be formed to create strong specialized science departments, which follow strong curricula that are aligned with international standards, and prepare the students to attend different national as well as international exams.

Students Development was obvious within those 2 years. One of the main assessment techniques that affected the students positively, was the implementation of PBL strategy which enhanced the students capability of being independent learners, helped them to search, investigate, solve problems, stimulated their creativity and curiosity, created critical thinkers and enhanced their confidence to present their work without any fear of shyness. The projects topics were chosen very accurately, to increase the student awareness about the recent UAE efforts in different fields, encourage them to try to contribute in in solving real environmental problems and have positive imagination about the future.

Another point of success was the contribution of students in different external competitions e.g. think science, AUS environmental day competition, Innovation competitions prepared by Al Ain municipality, EXPO young innovator competition.



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